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Statistically, homes located on corner lots are more likely to be broken into than are middle-of-the-block homes.

Give specvial attention to accessible areas.





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Home Security Systems Basics

Considering The Risk and The Need


You may be planning to buy one of the do-it-yourself home security systems. You may be shopping for the best security alarm system on the market, or just thinking about which of the home security services might be best for you.

Regardless, you'll need to know what kind of security and safety risks you're facing, and what you need to protect.

Everyone's worried about crime, particularly house invasions, burglary, identity theft, and vandalism. The need for effective home security systems is more important now than ever.

So it shouldn't surprise you that in 2006, Americans spent over $17.5 billion on home security systems, devices, and services.

Depending upon what who you listen to, you'll get different pictures of just how common residential burglaries and break-ins really are in the United States. But here are some basics most experts will agree on:

   1. Approximately 6 million, or 1 out of every 10 U.S. residences are burglarized annually.
   2. The National Crime Prevention Council estimates that 99% of us will have something of value        stolen at least once in our lifetimes.
   3. On average, each residential burglary in the United States results in a loss of over $1,300

Giving some forethought to creating a well-designed home alarm system will have a huge impact on a criminal's opportunity to make a crime statistic out of you and your home.

Factors of 3 In Crime And Home Security

There are tree elements have to come together in order for any crime to take place
   1. Victim,
   2. Criminal
   3. Opportunity

The best home security systems and strategies are those that eliminate or reduce at least one of these three components. Unfortunately, you can't control anyone's desire to commit a crime, and you cannot always keep yourself out of harm's way. So #1 and #2 are almost impossible to control.

On the other hand, what you can do to deter crime is to work to eliminate the opportunity.So when putting together your security plan, and before buying a home alarm system, make sure you keep in mind each of the following crime-stopping goals:
   1. Make your house an undesirable target.
   2. Make yourself and your possessions harder to get to.
   3. Reduce or eliminate the opportunities for a criminal to invade your home or property.

Taking the First Steps

The one person who has responsibility for preventing crime in your home is you. When you're talking about protection, even one of the simple home security systems that deters intrusion is a more effective route to home protection than pepper spray, guns, or attack-dogs.

Remember, the best security alarm and escape plan will only minimize the damage that occurs when your efforts to deter a break-in or a crime have failed.

By acting on the home security systems reviews and suggestions in this site, you'll make it more difficult for anyone to break into your home, commit a crime against you, and easier to catch anyone who does.


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