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In 2003, there over 2.2 million burglaries, with the loss of an estimated $3.5 billion

Many could've been avoided with just a little more attention to deterrence.





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Home Alarm Systems:

Simple Things To Do Before You Buy


It is surprising how many people install professionally designed home alarm systems and yet neglect basic physical security measures.

A house with a security alarm system, but offering easy entry, may tempt a burglar to chance it.

He may gamble on the fact that because of so many false alarms, some people just dont take home alarm systems seriously unless the light or siren goes on for long. And in the meantime, a burglar may be able to silence it.

Security Alarm systems should always be regarded as the second line of defense, and should never be relied on completely, no matter how sophisticated.

Many of the best ways to improve the security of your home are surprisingly simple. Common sense, good lighting, and a few good locks go a long way in reducing your home's curb appeal to intruders.

So before you invest inone of the new sophisticated home alarms, surveillance cameras, or other security equipment, give some thought to the bigger picture.

Keeping in mind that the best home alarm systems are based on deterrence, your home seurity will be much more effective if you first implement these simple suggestions:

First Things First

   1) Eliminate hiding places. Trees and bushes planted close to the house and left untrimmed offer cover to an intruder, and should be trimmed back. Windows or doors that are screened from public view are an invitation to intruders. A yard without a fence makes sneaking in and out easier.

   2) Increase outdoor lighting. If your property looks inviting during the day, a prowler may come back at night to scope out the lighting. Even if you have a home burglar alarm with a security camera, a house left in the dark all evening, inside or out, helps to make a burglar's entry and exit much less detectable.

   3) Check other buildings. Yard sheds and detached garages may not warrant a security alarm system. But be sure to secure ladders, crow bars, and other tools that could be used to gain entry to, and violate, the security of your house.

   4) 4) Good locks should be part of every home security alarm system. Front and rear doors should have standard locks replaced with deadbolts - a lock with a bolt that cannot be retracted without a key, and must locked with a key when leaving. And it cannot it be opened from the inside without the key, thus preventing the door being used as an exit route.

   5) Windows are the most vulnerable points and usually the most neglected. Double glazing is the best deterrent - two panes of glass to penetrate since a blow to the glass is cushioned by air trapped between the panes.

Are Home Alarm Systems Still Needed ?

Follow these simple recommendations and you'll have taken a major step in guarding your home from intruders. But this doesn't make a home security systems alarm irrelevant.

The simple presence of a visible security camera or window decal will deter many would-be burglars. And should any get through the basic defense, a good intruder alarm system will call attention to, distract, and possibly stop the intrusion.

Creating a secure home is more than simply installing one of the many home alarm systems on the market. Electronic alarm systems work best in homes and businesses that have already covered the security basics. So don't neglect the basics, which are both easy, and mostly free

Giving some forethought to creating a well-designed home alarm system will have a huge impact on a criminal's opportunity to make a crime statistic out of you and your property.

So if you've reviewed your property, and taken the necessary steps to minimize its' appeal to intruders, it's time to take action !


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