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If someone were to break into your home, family members should be willing to run for help, leaving everyone else in the house.

Your chances of helping are a lot greater if you escape than if you try to confront intruders yourself.




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Home Security Companies

More Than Just Monitoring

Americans spent billions with home security companies for alarm equipment and monitoring services. And the numbers are steadily rising as identity theft, terrorism, and other breaches of national and personal security become more common. People are doing all that they can to secure everything from their homes to their information.

For many people who have the inclination, do-it-yourself security systems are a good choice. If you decide to go this route, you aren't alone. And if you do the proper planning, you can have an effective home safety solution.

But there are lots of good options for those who want the help of one of the professional home security companies. These home security companies range from the large corporations with a sales force and local offices, to regional and small local resellers working as authorized third-party installers.

Despite the millions of homeowners with security systems, there are only a dozen or so national home security companies that actually manufacture the alarm and monitoring equipment. These manufacturers provide the equipment for the thousands of dealers that sell and install alarms.

But as with most things, size is not as important as whether you get the security system and service you really want


Security Alarm Companies: All or Nothing ?

Whether you choose to do it yourself, or sign on with an turn-key service provider, installing an effective security system is not an all-or-nothing proposition. You can get professional help with any or all aspects of your system: security planning, burglar alarm installation, system monitoring, and maintenance.

You can also select any of the good DIY systems, available online or from one of the security equipment suppliers in your area, and install it yourself (which isn't that difficult at all). Or have a local company or contractor to install it for you.

Another option is to have a professional do a complete risk assessment and design for you. Then make your own purchase decision based on their recommendations - go with their system or go get your own.

Whatever you decide to do-it-yourself or hire a professional, you'll still be able to add the optional monitoring service. In general, security home monitoring is a nice halfway measure between total do-it-yourself security (which is perfectly adequate, in many situations) and a turn-key professionally installed and managed system.

Choosing one of the professional home security companies is never the cheapest solution. You'll save money by installing your own system. And you can avoid monthly monitoring fees by using a telephone dialer-but if you do, be sure that you follow all state and local ordinances (some places won't let you put 911 on a dialer), and select contact people who are reliable and likely to be there when called.

That said, don't simply look for discount or budget home security companies. If you don't feel comfortable in do-it-yourself mode, go with the pros. If you feel like you can set it up yourself , put the saved dollars into more sensors, better alarms, and maybe a home fire sprinkler.


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