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Free security systems, offered by some providers of home security services, are usually only partial safety solutions.

So make sure you can add the necessary sensors and monitors that will give you complete coverage.





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Home Security Services From Protect America

Home security solutions that focus on simplicity and choice

Founded in 1992, Protect America is one of the newest providers of home security services, but also one of the fastest growing.

They are a nationwide provider, and if you are looking for a do-it-yourself security system, Protect America is worth a serious look. And they pursue that DIY market with very aggressive pricing, multiple options monitoring services, and a nice variety of alarm equipment.

Protect America sets itself apart from other home security companies, by not only offering security alarms that can be self-installed - they even encourage it.

Their home security services are based on the GE wireless security system, the Simon 3. The Simon 3 was designed to be simple enough that anyone can install it without a technician. But if you do need help, Protect America provides free tech support, and will gladly walk you through the entire alarm system installation process step-by-step. According to Protect America, over 94% of their customers select the self-installation option.

Home Security Service Packages

The home security services from Protect America are based on one of several wireless security systems. Each one can then be customized with additional pieces of equipment to meet your specific needs.

Like other providers Protect America makes its' money not from equipment, but from alarm monitoring. In fact, PA is willing to virtually give away security equipment in exchange for selling you their security monitoring service

There are 5 alarm system packages from which to choose, each of which offers a single talking command station

- Copper: Includes 3 wireless door/window sensors, plus 1 wireless motion detector
- Bronze: Includes 7 door/window sensors, but excludes the motion detector
- Silver: Includes 10 wireless sensors
- Gold: Includes 15 wireless window and door sensors
- Platinum: Includes 20 wireless window and door sensors

A lifetime warranty is included on all equipment as long as you remain a customer.

Alarm Monitoring Options

In addition to free or almost-free security equipment packages, Protect America also has the least expensive alarm monitoring service of the Big 3 compared to ADT and Brinks. And they provide up-to-date choices in home alarm monitoring.

Standard: Basic home security services include a talking command station which uses a regular phone line to communicate with the monitoring center when an alarm is set off. If you do not cancel the alarm directly from your GE security system, PA will attempt to contact you to verify that it is not a false alarm. If it is a real emergency, the appropriate authorities will be dispatched. Protect America then calls your pre-defined emergency contacts

Broadband: HomePulse is an alternative for the growing number of people who have migrated to broadband VoIP. HomePulse links the Protect America home security service directly to an available port on your computer or router, so that notification of an activated home alarm is sent over your VoIP or broadband Internet connection instead of the traditional telephone line.

Two-Way Voice Monitoring: This option provides 2-way 'live' communication directly to the Protect America security monitoring center. When an intrusion is detected, the home alarm uses your telephone line to transmit the alert, and the monitoring center will then contact you directly through the control station to confirm the problem and react appropriately.

Cellular Monitoring: Cellular security system monitoring is one of the hottest trends in home security services. It is the choice for the many people who have replaced their regular phone service with cellular. The biggest security advantage of cell phone monitoring is that some sophisticated burglars will first attempt to cut a home's telephone line in order to disable the security alarm monitoring service. The Cellular Monitoring option uses a alarm control station with a built-in GSM cellular device. Because everything is wireless, and a regular land line is not needed, you simply plug the command station into an electric outlet.

As one of the rapidly rising stars in the industry, the Protect America home security services offers name-brand, reliable equipment, variety of choice, and low-budget process.

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