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Brinks home security systems use wired, rather than wireless sensors. This means no worry about interference or dead batteries.

But be sure you are aware of all installation charges that a wired system rmight require.





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A Review of The Brinks Home Security Solution

A Good Combination of Simplicity and Value !

There is probably no more recognizable name in the security provider industry than Brink's.

In the US, Brinks is the second largest monitoring service provider for homes and businesses. In fact, Brinks home security is only one of several security services the company offers.

Brinks began as a security transport service for banks, retailers, and governments and soon became the premier provider of armored transportation around the world. In 1983, Brinks Home Security service was created to monitoring systems for homes.

Brink's also offers home security technology to builders, providing quality wiring and installation for new homes. It currently works with 9 of the top 10 builders in the US.

You should note that in February 2008, the company decided to spin-off Brink's Home Security into a separate security alarm company, a process that should complete by the end of 2008. But there is no reason to think this will negatively impact the quality of their service and security alarm monitoring.

Evaluating The Brinks Security Experience

Like other home security providers, Brinks has had its' share of criticisms. But unlike other companies, they have also received some impressive commendations.

First, Brinks Home Security has been awarded a "Best Buy" status by Consumers Digest for their standard and premium security systems.
They are also the only national security company with Installation Quality Certification from the National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association-endorsed Installation Quality Certification Board.

Finally, Brink's has also been recognized by J.D. Power and Associates for providing "An Outstanding Customer Service Experience," for call center customer service excellence for the last 5 years in a row.

To achieve this honor, call centers which monitor home alarms (Brinks has centers in Irving, Tx and Knoxville, Tenn), must pass a detailed audit of recruiting, training, employee incentives, management roles and responsibilities, and quality assurance capabilities.

And they must perform within the top 20 % of customer service evaluations, based on courtesy, knowledge, customer concern, usefulness of provided information, convenience of operating hours, ease of reaching a representative, and timely resolution.

For a home security company that handles almost 14 million customer telephone calls, alarm responses, and e-mails annually, this recognition should be carefully considered by anyone looking to sign on with an alarm monitoring company.

Brinks Home Security Options

Like their competition, Brinks discounts their home alarm systems in exchange for an alarm monitoring contract.

Currently, there are two home security equipment packages, charging only an installation fee if you sign on for 36 months of home security monitoring.

1) Standard System - $49 Installation includes: Standard Keypad, Master Control Panel, Two Door/Window Sensors, Motion Detector, Interior Siren, Yard Sign and Window Decals.

2) Premium System - $ 155 Installation includes: Same as above except that you get one more sensor, and an upgraded Premium Keypad. This backlit digital keypad features a large display that walks you through all of the system's functions.

Want more ?

Beyond The Basics

Brinks home security can provide additional equipment that should fit nicely into just about any custom security system you may have designed. These include: smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, wireless remote, glass-break detector, fire/heat sensor, strobe light, moisture sensor, and exterior siren.

However, you can get additional home protection services without purchasing additional equipment.

Both the Standard and Premium keypads have emergency buttons which when pressed, will notify the Brinks security monitoring center of your emergency. Each button is easy to reach and is clearly labeled:

     Fire - The siren sounds, Brinks calls the fire company, and then calls you to verify the alarm

     Medical - The keypad beeps, and Brinks calls you to verify the alarm. If you do not answer, Brinks notifies the emergency agency.

     Police - The siren sounds, Brinks calls you to verify the alarm, then notifies the police.

The system does not even need to be turned on for these emergency buttons to function. Keep in mind however, that unless you purchase the appropriate sensors, these buttons must be activated by you in order for the Brinks home monitoring center is alerted.

It's worth noting that Brinks is one of the few major security companies what will provide monitoring when you already have a security system installed.

Brinks home security provides a good balance between simplicity and breadth of coverage options


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