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The ADT Security Services Buffet

It's Not Just About Burglar Alarms Anymore !

There is no name more highly recognized, or highly respected as a provider of reliable home security, than ADT security services. This shouldn't be surprising since this security alarm company has been in business for over 130 years.

From the basic burglar alarms of the early years, ADT has developed a variety of service offerings, and now provides safety and security solutions to 6 million home, business, and government customers in North America and the UK.

Size is not everything when shopping for home alarm services. But the fact that ADT Security Services has over 6000 installers and technicians, means you are more likely to have local support for installation and maintenance, no matter where you live.

ADT Home Security Services

The ADT web site can be confusing if you are trying to sort out the various alarm services, packages, and options. So it may help to keep in mind that the company offers several home security services, combined into specific packages, each with its' own set of equipment and features.

Here's a quick review of the ADT security services:

- Burglar Alarm Monitoring: Home security system monitoring, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is the basis of every quality security system. State-of-the-art monitoring centers provide intruder detection, based on the installation of control panel, sensors, sounder alarms, and other security system components.

- Fire Safety: Remote monitoring of a provided smoke detector allows prompt fire department notification.

- Critical Condition Monitoring: Provides emergency response notification based on detected carbon monoxide, flooding, or freezing temperatures.

- Home Health Service: Provides medical alert monitoring for seniors and others with medical needs that may require rapid-response care.

- Video Surveillance: An ADT home security system can also include a variety of surveillance cameras that allow you to monitor your home from any web-connected computer, cell phone, or PDA. Monitor activity inside or outside your home, from anywhere in the world.

- Identity Theft Protection: A standalone service that keeps track of any changes to your credit report, provides proactive alerts, and theft insurance.

- Custom Home Security Service: A high-end service that includes a detailed needs analysis by a dedicated ADT Service Representative. The result is a home security system design that integrates the best lighting, monitoring, and video security technologies.

The ADT security services listed above are as comprehensive as you'll find from any security company. But the real test is how well these services are supported. What technology infrastructure is in place to make sure that every customer receives the highest level of support in any life and death situation.?

The foundation for all of the ADT security and safety systems is its' network of Monitoring Centers.

ADT Security Monitoring Centers

In the US, ADT home security provides security monitoring services through 5 monitoring centers, located throughout the US, which operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. These centers handle over 90,000 alarms daily, over 8,000 customer contacts an hour, and over 19 million customer calls per year.

The centers are linked together into one integrated network. So if one center receives excessive alarm calls, or becomes non-operational, intruder or help alarms are automatically routed to another center.

This gives all of ADT security services a significant advantage over the small, local security provider, which might be more vulnerable to a major power failure, communications system failure, or a local natural disaster. In times of severe weather, or natural disaster, you'll need to know your security monitoring service is still intact.

The ADT alarm monitoring centers come into play when an alarm is tripped, and your ADT security system control panel sends a signal over your existing telephone. This signal is received by an ADT monitoring center associate, who then follows a specific process according to the type of alarm signal received.

Overall, ADT security services provide the greatest number of choices for home security. The company has both the technology and the customer support infrastructure to provide quick and professional support for emergency situations.


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