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The overall best choices for the typical home are the dome and bullet surveillance cameras.

They can be used indoors or out, come in color or black & white, and they are low cost.





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Surveillance Cameras

Sorting Out The Choices In Home Security Cameras


When some people get ready to buy a home security system, they sometimes decide to exclude surveillance cameras. Often this is because they are afraid of the technology, confused by the many choices, or believe that installing a video security camera requires too much technical ability

This is a major mistake since the visible presence of even one surveillance camera provides the most deterrence and apprehension potential of any single piece of home security equipment

Many burglars will avoid a home with video surveillance cameras even faster than one with a standard alarm system. There are two reasons for this:
   1) A video camera system sends the message that a business or residence is protected with the very best technology.
   2) Even if the intruder gets away, he knows that his general appearance and actions were probably recorded, and will be seen by the police.

Security camera surveillance raises bar to a higher level of protection.

There are a several types of surveillance cameras, each suited for a specific purpose or environment. Although the design options are many, we'll break them down for you into easy-to-understand categories

Box Cameras

Box Security Cmera Because of their rather square shape, the box camera is what most people think of when they visualize a home security camera system. They are also referred to as 'standard body' or 'C-mount' surveillance cams.

Their primary advantage of the box camera is that it is very customizable - lenses and mounts are sold separately, and are interchangeable. This allows the homeowner to fit them to the specific environment or need

But as you might guess, the camera itself is only one part of a complete video surveillance system.

Bullet Cameras

Bullet Camera Named because of their tubular shape, the bullet camera is only 2-3 inches long and are one of the most popular surveillance cameras among both homeowners and businesses. They are easy to install, and their small size makes it easy to blend them into your home décor.

Although there is limited choice of lenses, these little cameras are available for shooting video in color or black & white. Bullet cameras are most often used indoors. But some are also built to be used as an outdoor surveillance camera, and are very weather resistant and reliable.

You can also get an infrared bullet camera for low-light or night-vision situations.

Dome Cameras

Dome Security Camera Sometimes called PTZ cameras (pan-tilt-zoom), they are mounted on ceilings or walls and are able to scan in any direction up to a full 360 degrees. The dome-shaped plastic covering not only protects the electronics inside, but also conceals the direction the dome camera is pointing.

The dome camera is especially common in commercial and other public building because they are both small and have a tremendous field of view. But they are also reasonably priced, and because they a very unobtrusive when mounted on a ceiling or wall, they are just as appropriate as home surveillance cameras

Spy Cameras & Nanny Cams

Nanny Cam Spy cams are simply surveillance cameras that are hidden or disguised to look like something else. They are built from small cameras that are mounted on a stand-alone circuit board, encased in a small housing or dome, or sold unpackaged for mounting by the purchaser.

The smallest of these board cameras are sometimes called pinhole cameras because they use a micro lens, usually with a 1-2 mm viewing angle, and film through a tiny hole while being hidden inside other objects.

Most hidden surveillance cameras are basically pinhole cameras that are disguised as clock radios, stuffed animals, smoke detectors, books, or a variety of other objects. They are also used in the very popular "nanny cams".

Fake Cameras

Fake Surveillance Camera As the name implies, these devices have realistic housings without the functioning electronics inside. Their purpose is strictly deterrence: when a potential intruder sees one, the intent is to make that person think twice before carrying out a criminal act. Therefore they are best displayed where easily seen.

The fake surveillance camera are a great way to save money, but be sure to select one that is well-crafted, and has a realistic look


Regardless of your specific situation, at least one type of security camera surveillance equipment, whether large or small, real or fake, should be a part of your home security system.

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