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If you are really on a tight budget, consider putting up one of the 'fake' cameras in easy view of anyone who might consider an invasion of your property.





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Home Security Cameras:

Getting The 'Big Picture' Is The First Step


Home security cameras are no longer just for the wealthy. Nor are they simply for businesses and large buildings.

A well designed security camera system can help you keep track of everything from activities in the kid's rooms to who is approaching your property.

Video surveillance technology has become much simpler to install, much less expensive, and easier to use than it was just 4-5 years ago.

As a result, home security cameras have become more and more popular with the average home owner

Options In Home Security Cameras

There are lots of good quality choices. So let's define some selection categories, then we'll provide some specific online resources and recommendations.

  - Wired vs wireless: Wireless surveillance cameras offer the most flexibility, and is the easiest to install and move. Wired models allow for greater distance from camera to monitor, and are usually less expensive.

  - Color vs. black/white: Since prices have dropped significantly, many more people are opting for color camera video surveillance over the black and white versions. For evidence purposes, color cameras are better able to identify "the man in the blue coat" or "the red car" for example, and is much more convincing. For most home use, black and white video cameras are sufficient. But in most small to medium sized businesses, color surveillance cameras in well-lit indoor environments have a distinct advantage.

  - Single or multi-unit systems: Ready-to-go packages are usually wireless, and provide 3-4 cameras, remote control, and a monitor that allows split viewing of all camera views. Single camera and monitor systems are also available.

  - Indoor or outdoor: For outdoor use, a housing protects the camera and lens from vandalism and to provide resistance from the elements. Indoor units are, therefore, less expensive black & white units will suffice for most people, but a color camera adds clarity.

  - Day or night: Most home security cameras are designed for either day or night light conditions, but a few work well in both environments. Night vision cameras use small LED's that transmit infrared light that can be detected by the camera, but not the human eye. The more LEDs on a camera, the brighter the image and the longer the visible distance at night. Also, black & white security cameras provide better visibility in low light situations.

  - Hidden or 'out-in-the-open': Being clear about the purpose of your surveillance camera will help you decide how covert your installation should be. Hidden or spy cameras are intended to avoid detection, and are best used when you want to "catch them in the act". On the other hand, deterrence is best achieved by making your home security cameras as visible as possible.

Although the many available options may seem confusing, it doesn't have to be. Don't get lured into thinking that you'll need to buy expensive and complex technology. If you need simple surveillance of some portion of your residence or business, there are simple and inexpensive home security cameras that will do just what you want.

Best Sources For Home Security Cameras

The following security equipment suppliers are top choices for video security equipment in single and multi-unit systems for several reasons: the quality is great, prices are among the best you'll find (of course price trends up as quality rises), and the technical support is very good.


Premium Quality Cams: There are two important factors in image quality. The more resolution lines, the greater the clarity. And the more LEDs, the brighter the image at night. And with over 60 cameras and systems in outdoor, indoor, night, and covert designs, Smarthome offeres a great variety of options in video surveillance.

Multi-Camera Systems: A wide selection of high quality system packages of 4, 6, 8, and 16 camera systems sre found at 2mcctv .